Is Roshtein Fake? A Follow Up Of The Best Twitch Slots Streamer For 2021

Mar 14, 2021

Introduction - Our Roshtein Wiki

This post is for our review of Roshtein, the most viewed, highly entertaining and in our eyes greatest Twitch slot streamer there currently is. The review has been split up into 5 sections:

Part 1 - What we love about Roshtein in 2021

Love him or hate him, there's no denying Roshtein is the number one Twitch slots streamer. In 2020 you would see him doing fifty euro bets, defending his image against the onslaught of attacks and growing his viewers steadily while promoting N1 casino.

Roshteins started working with casinos with higher bets (Curacao) and now his stream is more entertaining than ever. He frequents HUGE bets, a typical stream starts with opening ~100 bonuses with usually a minimum of 20 EU bets finishing with 50-100.

He keeps pushing the limit.

The end of 2020 saw Roshtein with a €500k balance on the way to a million, he was doing 10-40k bonus buys, €400 bets and all sorts of crazy action. Then he landed this win...

And then he landed... this win!

And if that wasn't good enough, he then landed this one to hit a one million euro balance.

Wow. I mean, where else can you see this action? Pragmatic themselves tweeted it out.

He created 2 top slot streamers from nothing.

I heard someone say that Roshtein wanted to stream with someone but not any of the existing casino streamers, so what does he do? He literally created 2 new top 5 streamers.

This is how powerful he is, he can bring someone who has never played slots before, get them a 300% exclusive bonus and thousands of viewers overnight.

His friends Andrew & Jay almost overnight become top 5 streamers and can earn hundreds of thousands a year if not more through his setup, just because they know Roshtein.

He engages with his chat.

He often answers questions both good and bad in the chat, when someone calls him out he does defend himself and even takes time to promote responsible gambling and mention how he himself lost a lot of money at one point and had to borrow from friends to sustain himself. He never promotes gambling as a way to make money and that's the sort of mentality you can respect.

He's a top entertainer!

There are people watching Roshteins stream who don't even play slots, this is what separates him from the competition. The entertainment value is unrivalled, there's no one like him on Twitch slots. He's funny, he dances, he makes you laugh and he provides surprises at any given time. He truly is an entertainer as well as a gambler, and this is one of the reasons why he is GOAT.

Up for a dance? The Scruffy Duck tune just doesn't get old, and you'll always see Roshtein and the chat dancing!

Part 2 - What we don't like about Roshtein in 2021

The purpose of this site is to be critical where it's due, from our opinion. It's easy to pick flaws in anyone, and these are the ones we dislike about Roshtein currently - it wouldn't be fair to point out the good and not mention the things which we dislike.

He is more Curacao than MGA in 2021.

Deposit bonuses mean a lot and the Curacao casinos are giving him 8k play money with 2k deposits but also the ability to buy bonuses while wagering, with seemingly a higher amount of daily deposit bonuses available than he used to have. That's great and makes sense from a business point of view - but it would be nice to see him play on better regulated MGA casinos that his viewers who sign up via his affiliate links can rely on for more security.

He promotes some bad casinos.

Take the Curacao thing aside, even some of the casinos listed on his site as "UK" are actually unlicensed and have no affiliation with UKGC at all. We signed up to test this and they confirmed UK is allowed and they suggested using a VPN to access their service.

Someone at his level with the man power behind his business should be able to vet these casinos better.

His affiliation with GameArt & Rosh Immortality Cube

For someone who has providers like Pragmatic in his stream, the Rosh immortaility Cube slot release came as a huge surprise to be from GameArt. From the day of launch to even more recent streams, you'll see a lot of people hating this game. Don't forget GameArt has a shady history and MGA even distanced themselves from them:

To a lot of people Roshteins name brings a high level of trust, and the marketing power beyond it is huge. So to use a provider like this which you'll frequently find on extremely dodgy Curacao casinos. It has never been disclosed from what we've seen what he received for this relationship, if anything. That would of been a great thing to share with the community to help understand why he's promoting this game with his own brand.

It would be nice if he disclosed the casino group he plays on.

When you watch his streams he will switch between casinos quite often, most people don't understand the difference but for full disclosure and educating the viewers it would be responsible to say these casinos are all apart from the same group.

For example, if he's playing on BitKingz and LadyHammer he's actually playing under one company - DAMA N.V a Curacao casino company. When he's playing on Horus, Vegaz or Haz it's all under Mirage Corporation N.V.

Roshtein immortality cube.

It comes back to this game again, it's just something that weighs on me every time I see it. Lets remember he plays on a Curacao site where you can do 10k bonus buys, this is insane but well within his affordability and wagering.

When you put this next to the GameArt immortality cube game, the casino he plays on allows a bonus buy of over €80,000. That's insane, with a maximum win of 30,000x your bet this could put the casino liable for over a €20million payout. Most UKGC casinos which bring in lots of revenue wouldn't even want a part in that liability, yet these Curacao casinos can afford to? It just seems wrong to me and very fishy.

You can argue he plays this game because he has had lots of big wins on it, but it's also a game where you can see them doing €400 spins often and huge buys of €3-15k, so of course you're going to get a win. I mean the game does have the megaways license which is again surprising for a GameArt, so it's all just a bit confusing and something I can't personally apprehend.

At the end of the day Roshtein is promoting this casino and playing a game he's affiliated with so it's just a red flag - I'm sure in an interview scenario he would have a good reason why but from afar this is something I just cannot wrap my head around.

He could improve his giveaways

It's hard to pick on someone giving away something for free, but whenever I think of giveaways I can't help but think of the scenario where he did a collaboration with a casino and gave away €5 in free spins to anyone who uses his link. That's great and gives everyone the opportunity to gamble for free and not risk any money.

I still cannot help but recall someone who used his link won €19,000 but the terms of the bonus was a maximum cashout of €50. Ouch, that would sting for a very long time and I feel so sorry for that person - I mean he still got free money but that hurts.

Part 3 - So, is Roshtein fake?

We're going to say no, it's very unlikely he is - if it wasn't for the GameArt relationship above I would be extremely shocked if he was fake at all, but that relationship casts a little doubt on the scenario.

There's a lot of people calling him fake with no proof at all, where as there's a lot of proof in my eyes to claim he's real. And here is the reasons why I think he is not fake.

1. He has played on reputable casinos.

Some of his deposits from when I started watching him up to recently are on MGA licensed casinos such as LeoVegas and N1 Casino. These are casinos with MGA licenses held under European law, I would be surprised if they're doing shady deals with streamers.

2. He rarely promotes casinos directly on his stream.

He's confident enough in his earnings through slots and affiliation that he doesn't have to push people to sign up, all he has to do is focus on entertaining and they'll deliver themselves. Some streamers will showcase their offers but Roshtein never does this.

3. He could get affiliated but cares not to.

Similar to the above, if he was just after money he would go for affiliation and get subscribers on his channel, lets not forget he has nearly 500,000 followers and this would be extremely lucrative.

4. He literally has the game makers and even Deadmau5 in his chat.

Official handles for huge slot providers Yggdrasil and Pragmatic frequented his chat in 2020, providing statistics on games, answering quesitons and even having banter and jokes. You can even find Deadmau5 in his chat sometimes, he's no joke and if there's a celebrity of casino slots, it's Roshtein.

5. His work ethic is insane and he has been doing it a long time.

You have to remember he has been doing this for a long time, one of the longest Twitch slots steamers around. He has had time to grow his business and fine tune it over the years, he also streams insane hours for any streamer of any category - he will frequently be on 6-7 days a week from 11 AM to midnight.

Part 4 - Why you might think he's fake and why I think he isn't.

To better answer this question it can be easier to turn the flip on some of the reasons people say he's fake and explain why I think he isn't.

He must be fake he is doing 100 Euro spins?

Think about a streamer you think is real, I'm guessing they're doing more relatable bets in the 1-5 Euro range and perhaps have 200-3000 viewers per stream. Think about this logically, Roshtein is pulling in 20-30k viewers a stream, he has an insanely higher audience and so is bringing in a lot more affiliation money.

It's not hard to take see someone who has been doing it longer, making more through affiliation, has the best deposit bonuses would be doing the highest spins. It makes absolutely perfect sense, just remember this is a business powered by affiliation money.

He always wins 30k, 50k, 100k+ and other huge amounts when I watch him...

You have to remember he stakes a lot, he might have to lose upwards of 80 thousand in deposits (remember, this would cost him 20 thousand with his bonuses) to get to a big balance. He also plays slots all day every single day with big bets, so what is your biggest win multiplied by your bet?

If you play with 50p and have won €50 then it's no different to him winning €5k on a 50 euro bet, apart from he plays a lot more than you so will hit wins eventually.

If your favourite streamer is doing 5 EU bets and has 1k viewers, Roshtein has 20x their audience so it's not unreasonable to think he's making at least 20x as much as they are - in reality probably a lot more. So why can't he stake 20x their amount?

He has also one of the longest streamers, so his business has been solidified over the years and he has grown to this stage.

Why doesn't he cash out?

Again you have to think of it as a business and not as a personal player.

  • If he maintains a balance he doesn't have to deposit more money.
  • The higher the balance and bets, the more viewers, which raises his fame.
  • The more people watching, the more who sign up via his affiliate links and make him more money.

He actually makes money playing slots?

Sounds wrong, right? Anyone level headed would know you cannot beat the casino, it's not possible. In the end they will take your money - the best bet is to win once and stop at that point. However Roshtein does make money playing slots, but you won't and this is why.

He has an edge on the casinos which they give him through his deposit bonuses. If you deposit €2000 you'll play with €2000 - no UKGC casino and most MGA casinos wouldn't give you a bonus to match this.

His bonuses allow him to deposit €2000 and play with €8000, he uses this money to play the most volatile high bets possible to hit as big of a win as he can, which will help beat the wager requirements.

The casinos give him this because he brings in lots of customers to them, so casinos can literally lose money to him and make money in the long run through new customers signing up. He has an offer where you simply cannot go wrong.

His deposit bonuses are fake, who gets 8k to play with on a 2k deposit?

Think about this one from a business point of view, customer aquisition is a real thing and businesses pay for customers. When you're driving you see billboards advertising McDonalds, Gardening Shops, etc. In the UK we can turn on the television, radio, Facebook on and find gambling adverts everywhere.

A casino can give him a better bonus than anyone else can get because they're going to get 20-30 thousand people at a time watching him play slots directly on their website. It's one of the most targeted audiences they can find of people ready to become customers. This sort of audience would cost an advertiser a lot of money through other avenues.

There are websites saying he's fake everywhere on Google?

When you read a website on the internet you have to look for the hidden agenda, you have to remember here affiliation is a business like any other and Roshteins name brings in clicks. It's beneficial to a website to call him fake as it'll bring people to their website and earn them revenue. It's exactly what I'm doing right now and you've come to my website to read it - apart from we try to take a honest approach - if someone's saying he's fake you need to look for the proof in their articles, and I haven't come across any.

I've heard he plays with fake or demo money.

He literally plays on live games by Evolution gaming, you can see him winning 50-100k on blackjack, Crazytime sometimes once a month. If you play on these games on any casino it'll show his winnings live on the popup screen as they're across platform. The only way this is possible is if the casinos themselves are fronting the money and taking the losses, it just doesn't make any sense when he's such a big affiliate earner.

Part 5 - Some FAQs on Roshtein

Why did Roshtein start streaming?

He says he started when he was losing quite a bit of money gambling and his friend told him if you're going to gamble, you might as well stream it. So he started his journey there five years ago on €0.50 per spin.

How does he know DeuceAce (Jay) and Andrew?

Jay is a childhood friend of Roshteins from primary school and he met Andrew when he moved to Malta. Jay moved to Malta himself in 2020 to join Roshtein on his adventure.

Where is Roshtein from?

He's from Sweden with Turkish parents.

What is Roshteins net worth?

It's a funny question to ask because no one will know but him and his accountant, and he hasn't revealed it. However I would think it's in the millions, his affiliation income alone must be incredibly high from the amount of people he has sign up.

The only way I can think to try and understand how much he has made from gambling would be to compare him to Jay (DeuceAce) who said his casino earnings alone are up 200k in the time he started streaming (December - February). With that, you can imagine Roshtein is probably making over a million a year just from playing slots due to his extremely lucrative bonuses he receives.

What are Roshteins social media links?

Twitter Link

He often tweets before he opens bonuses, quite helpful!


Although he hasn't used it since 2019!


If you're a big fan his Instagram is great to have. He shares videos and images of his personal life along with memes and other great content!


Although you probably know this already...


Yep he has a YouTube! I didn't even know...

What is his biggest win?

He landed a €500,000 win on Fruit Party. Wow, that happened this year in 2021. Pragmatic even tweeted it out... It's what we all dream of.

What is his store?

Everyone who watches his stream collects points automatically if they're logged in and these points can be redeemed for gifts from a coffee mug to a new iPhone.

You can access his store on StreamElements here.

Where is his first stream video?

It's tricky to find his first stream as he has now done an incredible amount of daily streams. You might find his 5 year montage video here helpful instead.

What is his real name?

His real name is Ismael Swartz, you can see that in a real life interview here at iGB 2018.

Is Roshtein bald or does he have hair?

You can see him without his famous hats on his Instagram, where he shows he does in fact have hair :)

Does Roshtein have a girlfriend?

He has confirmed on stream many times he does not have a girlfriend, and even jokes about it saying where would he meet one when streaming so often.

Why does Roshtein have no sub button?

He says he doesn't want to be affiliated, instead he's holding out for a Twitch partner account should they ever give it to people who just play slots and no other games.

How does Roshtein make money?

Casino streamers make money through affiliation. To help you better understand, when you watch his stream or visit his website and there are links to casinos which you'll see.

Lets say you sign up on that link and deposit €100 and lose, because he has "referred you" he will usually be entitled to 25-45% or even higher of your losses. So on a good casino he might receive €45 for you losing €100.

This is how affiliation works, and it's how every streamer makes money primarily. On top of his very lucrative 300% deposit bonuses and huge wins, he also supplements that income with huge casino wins on terms you won't be able to get.

What are Roshteins favourite games?

You'll often see dog house, big bass bonanza, money train 2, mystery museum, fruit party, jammin jars and other huge games between his spins and bonus hunts. Pragmatic, Play N Go, No Limit City and other huge providers you'll see him play daily.

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