Streamer Review: Roshtein

Sep 3, 2019

Roshtein is the most popular Twitch slot streamer, he's not just a gambler but also an entertainer - bringing in on average 7000-10,000 viewers at a time to his streams. And these numbers are just climbing.


Controversy also surrounds him, and we try to tackle some of the most asked questions about Roshtein in this blog post.

Is Roshtein fake?

If you watch his streams you'll know he comes across this question often, and he's not shy of confronting it. The fact is he cannot be fake and get away with it, there's laws where you have to disclose if you're doing false advertising so if he wasn't gambling the money you see then he could go to prison. Simply put, his gambling is not fake.

What is Roshtein's net worth?

These figures aren't published for obvious reasons, most streamers don't reveal their affiliate earnings in fact we've never come across a big one that does. This is a big question in the industry and is shrouded with mystery, sadly we'll never know! Remember though, if we new the figures today they wouldn't truly represent the net worth this financial year. These streamers have affiliate earnings which pour in over months, so each stream increases their net worth but doesn't get paid out until the affiliate companies pay.

What is Roshtein's real name?

Being high profile, his name isn't mentioned very often. This is probably for the best!

Roshtein points guide

Each time you watch Roshtein you automatically receive points. There's nothing you need to do but have a Twitch account for this to work. You can redeem the points on his website for prizes such as free slots money and t-shirts.

You can redeem points here.

What is Roshtein's biggest win?

Roshtein frequently hits some huge wins, in the realm of 25-50k+. In fact, you can see him spinning dragon games at 50 euros a spin doing 8k in less than 10 minutes at least several times a week, trying to reach a 50k win - and he often does. Here's a YouTube video of some of his biggest wins.

* As of March 2020 his biggest win is now an insane 184k! On Money Train.

The truth about Roshtein

The truth about Roshtein is very simple. He currently brings in over 10,000 viewers from a single good streaming day, this means that a lot of these people sign up to the casinos he plays on and when they lose money, he gets paid a part of it. This is affiliate marketing at its most basic form.

Are his wins real? Yes, but so are his losses. On a bad day he can be seen losing up to €20,000 to €40,000 in deposits or "bullets" as Roshtein calls them. On a good day he can be seen cashout out sometimes over €100,000. It's hard to say if he profits each month, but there's one very important thing you have to remember here...

Truth about Roshtein

You're not Roshtein. You will never have the advantage he has, he only just profits and he has an incredible upper hand. The reason being is he brings in so much revenue for the casinos, he gets 400% bonuses. You cannot get these bonuses, only he can. This is why while watching his streams never try and replicate his success, because you're playing at a major disadvantage at all times.

Does Roshtein have reddit?

His reddit account isn't public if he does!

Does Roshtein have instagram?

Yep and you can find it here.

Does Roshtein have Twitter?

Yep and you can find it here.

Does Roshtein have Soundcloud?

Yep and you can find it here.

Does Roshtein have Facebook?

Yep and you can find it here.

Please note, we're not associated with Roshtein or any other streamer.

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