Streamer Review: Daskelelele Slots Channel

May 14, 2020

Jack is a long time streamer and frequent high roller, now working with Philip they're frequently on the top 5 of Twitch slots.

Daskelelele Twitch Slots

Philip joined the channel and streamed along Sebbe, before Sebbe left around 2018/19. Now Philip often streams daily, with around 10 euro bets.

Daskelelele: Philip

Philip is the powerhouse behind the daily streams, while Jack works in the background. Philip often attracts 500-2000 viewers and goes for around 10 euro bets, bonus hunts, and often bonus buys.

Philip from daskelelele slots

More often than not you'll tune in and find Philip behind the stream, he has a calm persona and could arguably be one of the nicest people on Twitch slots.

He engages with the chat, enjoys speaking to them and answering questions, and is a chilled out slots streamer.

Daskelelele: Jack

Jack is the channel owner and has been around for quite some time, although he works more behind the scenes when he does stream it's usually high energy, exciting and anything can happen.

Jack from daskelelele slots

Watching Jack stream is very fun, because you don't know what's going to happen. If there's a big balance be prepared to see thousands in bonus buys, table spins, and high 40-50 euro spins.

What is their biggest win?

Jack hit a huge win on Bonanza some years ago of over 100,000 Euros. Quite a mad one...

Is Daskelelele a fake streamer?

Simply put, no. They've been around too long, have constantly high viewers which means they're getting good payouts via affiliation to cover the gambling.

What we love about their channel

Philip provides a calm and chilled atmosphere while Jack can output some high roller volatile entertainment, combined they make a great streaming partnership working off each others strengths.

What we don't like about their channel

In a time where everyone talks, it's a shame they ban the talk of other streamers and you can be banned for doing it. The times we've tuned in we've witnessed this, but it's thier channel and their rules. A top slots channel regardless!

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