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Streamer Review: Daskelelele Slots Channel

Posted: May 14, 2020

Jack is a long time streamer and frequent high roller, now working with Philip they're frequently on the top 5 of Twitch slots.

Daskelelele Twitch Slots

Philip joined the channel and streamed along Sebbe, before Sebbe left around 2018/19. Now Philip often streams daily, with around 10 euro bets.

Streamer Review: Rocknrollaaaaaa

Posted: May 13, 2020

Rocknrollaaaaaa is a big streamer averaging 500-1.5k views per stream, as you can tell his stream is featured around the movie, with his avatar and soundboard to match.

Rocknrollaaaaaa Streamer Review

One of our favourite streamers and frequently in the top section of Twitch, he represents the true average British gambler.

Streamer Review: ChannelTwo Slots

Posted: May 13, 2020

Sebbe & Anna are both a couple and duo slots streamers, they mostly stream on their own in shifts but also have the odds couples stream, which is super fun to watch as with any streamers pairing up!.

Sebbe & Anna from Channel Two Slots

They're both enjoyable to watch alone, and their energy together makes for thoroughly enjoyable entertainment.

Streamer Review: ClassyBeef

Posted: Mar 26, 2020

ClassyBeef are one of the biggest new streamers to enter the market, they've persistently streamed from day one from small bets to now an average of 10 euros per spin for anywhere between 750-3500 viewers at any time.

ClassyBeef Review

There's a lot to admire from Classy Beef's approach to streaming, they took a risk and it paid off. They run professionally, promoting gamble awareness and recruiting employees to work for them.

Streamer Review: Roshtein

Posted: Sep 3, 2019

Roshtein is the most popular Twitch slot streamer, he's not just a gambler but also an entertainer - bringing in on average 7000-10,000 viewers at a time to his streams. And these numbers are just climbing.


Controversy also surrounds him, and we try to tackle some of the most asked questions about Roshtein in this blog post.

Is Roshtein fake?

If you watch his streams you'll know he comes across this question often, and he's not shy of confronting it. The fact is he cannot be fake and get away with it, there's laws where you have to disclose if you're doing false advertising so if he wasn't gambling the money you see then he could go to prison. Simply put, his gambling is not fake.

What is Roshtein's net worth?

These figures aren't published for obvious reasons, most streamers don't reveal their affiliate earnings in fact we've never come across a big one that does. This is a big question in the industry and is shrouded with mystery, sadly we'll never know! Remember though, if we new the figures today they wouldn't truly represent the net worth this financial year. These streamers have affiliate earnings which pour in over months, so each stream increases their net worth but doesn't get paid out until the affiliate companies pay.

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